Sunday, November 28, 2010

You Can Have Your Pie and Eat It Too

by KiwiGoddess

Red Bank, New Jersey
Thanksgiving 2010
With the flat of her knife she slathered the heavy whipped cream methodically, like she was prepping a patient for a surgical cut. It had turned out much better than predicted, and why she agreed to cooking and not letting their cook take care of things, she'd never know. Her parents were due to arrive and Jon's already were being entertained by him in the main living area of the house. She stood back and admired her handy work. Perfect. She rinsed the knife, washed her hands and dried them on her apron as she disappeared into the pantry for the cinnamon. When she returned to the pie a crime had been committed. A lone finger swipe dug into the cream like sleigh tracks through snow that was outside the kitchen window.

"What the hell? Stella! Jacob!" She turned around and of course found the kitchen completely empty. Damn little monkeys. It was a good thing she loved them like crazy for at times they were harder to manage than her heaviest case loads. 

"Trouble in ground control?"

She turned around and there her husband was with his arms folded leaning against the door frame armed with a smirk.

"Shut up. Don't say a word. I can do this. Stupid cooking, stupid turkey."

He chuckled and nodded at her. "That apron is kinda sexy though." His eyes brows waggled.

"Now is not the time to butter me-" She stopped as his face relaxed into a wide grin, but her attention was on the tiny white speck of cream tucked away at the corner of his mouth. 


She dusted her hands on her apron and walked toward him. "Stella or Jacob were in here before and left a big ol' finger mark in my pie. Any idea which one of them did it?" She pursed her lips waiting for the lies to come rolling out. 

His lips twitched and shook his head. "Sneaky children, huh?"

"Yes, sneaky children. They really should be punished." She leaned in and his gaze fell on her lips as she inched forward, the spice of his cologne drifted over her. She paused and then swiped her pinkie over the cream dot and then licked it. "Sneaky indeed."

His eyes widened and then narrowed. "Damn, not sure how that got there. One of the kids must of-"

She kissed him fiercely before she had to hear any more excuses. She needed a quick release of the tension that she'd built up for herself over this. She had wanted everything to be perfect as it had been a few years since both families had been all together, all brothers, sisters and parents included of the Richards and Bongiovi clan as it didn't happen often with everybody's schedules. Her hands slid up his broad chest, taut with hours from the gym. Her fingertips brushing over cashmere as she melted into him. "Study." She punctuated her demand with a kiss.

His brow winged as he hooked his arms around her waist dragging her off her footing. "My parents are in the next room and yours are due to arrive any-"

She kissed him again walking him back one step at a time until they bumped against the wall. Her tongue slid down his, teasing him, inviting him to reply. She knew her husband well, it never took much when the other initiated a seduction war. And it was those wars that kept them alive. She found his hands and linked her fingers through his, pinning them at the level of his eyes. Her lips nipped his chin and slid down his throat, just in time for his moan to vibrate against her tongue. Her belly bumped into the tell-tale bulge of his pants and she grinned as she kissed him again. 

"Say no again, I dare you..." She dragged her mouth up his jaw and covered his ear. "Or are you chicken?" She traced the tip of her tongue around his lobe. 

His eyes went dark and his lips curved at the corners. "You play a dangerous game, woman." 

Her hand flattened on his chest and slipped down between them as she cupped him. "I live for danger."

He lifted and dragged her out of the kitchen and across the hall to Jon's small study. He kicked the door closed behind him and she groaned as he pushed her up against it.  His mouth flooded her with heat that hit her in the back of her knees when his tongue plunged into her mouth. He wrestled with the apron strings and yanked it up over her head letting it float to the floor behind them. 

He popped her buttons open, each followed by a kiss down centre of her. Her head collided against the door as his clever mouth found her nipple. He sucked through the material and she sank against the door. His hand tucked under the waistband of her pants and his fingers cut through silk to find her centre. She raised her leg around his and hooked it around his waist, opening her for ease of access. Callie curled her fingernails into his shoulders and bucked her hips, unable to stand still and just let him take. She moaned torn between pleasure and ache, ache that she needed him to just take her like so many times he had before. 

Her head fell back and she sighed as the waves of pleasure rolled through her and she basked in it like the sun on a hot summer's day. Oh yes, this is what she had to be thankful for.

He nudged closer, determined to see her shatter just like so many times he had before. He smoothed back her hair that was falling out of the neat ponytail she had it in moments ago. He had the sexiest woman in the world for a wife, of course that was his opinion let's face it in his world, that was all that mattered. She was as busy as he was with her surgical rotation rivalling his touring and band commitments but she always like him, made time for their family. Her cheeks were flushed and his hand was soaked in her juices, job well done. 

Their noses bumped. "Still think I'm chicken?"

Her eyes focused and she smiled. She beckoned him even closer with her finger so he leaned in catching the scent of cinnamon and Callie. He lost his footing as he was spun and his back slammed against the door. She launched herself at him and her fingers curled around the lapels of his shirt. "Oh I'm so not done." Her eyes sparkled with something he was all too familiar with, lust. She dragged her hands down over his pecks, rolling her thumbs over his nipples and fell to her knees. "Oh fuck," he muttered. She popped his fly and had him hot and hard in her hand as she scraped the tip with her thumb catching the drop of pre-cum at the top.

He threaded his fingers into her hair, letting the ponytail slide free and her silky hair pooled around his wrists. He hissed as she teased her tongue along the shaft and then swirled her tongue over the tip. She took him into her mouth and partnered the slow suck with long strokes with her hand. His muscles bunched as he did everything to hold himself steady and not draw any more unnecessary attention to those outside the room. God, how she'd taken the control again didn't amaze him in the least, she was a force to be reckoned with just as much as he was. Inside the bedroom and out.

"Callie." His voice was strangled. He eased back to watch her mouth slide over him. Her thumb stroked the base of him while her tongue darted along the tip with as much precision as he'd imagined her in an operating theatre. She cupped his balls and he felt the growl all the way down to the end of his cock. God, the way she looked, eyes closed, pumping him with all she had. It was enough to drive him over the edge.

His arms quivered, close to release he gently pushed her head back and dragged her up, his hands tunnelling through her hair as he captured her lips in a swift kiss. The taste of him and the taste of her blending into nothing but pure need. "I need to come inside you." He turned and edged her against the door and pushed down her pants along with her panties. He cupped her hips as she wound herself around him, using the back of the door for support. Her moan echoed in the room as he slid into her, stretching, filling her completely. Her arms wound around his shoulders, her fingers up into his hair as she kissed him deep. 

Her head tipped back as she clutched his shoulders and he kept the rhythm going. He pressed a finger against her lips as she groaned again. "Shhhh. Or we will have an audience soon." 

She nodded and pressed her forehead against his, the slap of skin against skin against hitched breathes, the only sound in the room. "Fuck." He struggled to keep his own appreciation under control so he buried his face in her shoulder. His hands slid down to her ass and dug in his fingertips as she clenched around him. 

"Yes!" She gripped his arms. "Oh god, yes." She let go and so did he, he didn't stop pushing her towards the next orgasm as his mouth moved over her throat. The scent of her swirled around him and the undulating pleasure rocked his body as he came inside her. He held them there, pinned against the door as she broke apart in his arms again. He rested her back down on solid ground and kissed her gently. "I am so so thankful." 

She chuckled, "you and me both." Her eyes sparkled as she kissed him again before the re-dressed quickly. 

Jon re-buttoned her shirt and helped her step back into her pants. Callie had finished tying her hair back up when they heard the doorbell chime. She smoothed down her pants and her shirt.

"Crap that'll be my parents."

Jon laughed as he gave her the once over and then himself. "Fly, check..." He swept his hair back into place and then they both slipped back to the kitchen hand in hand.

Jon's brow cocked when his mother was standing in the kitchen with her arms folded. "How could you Jon?"

He dropped his wife's hand. "It was her! She ambushed me, I told her to wait but she swept me into the office. I was merely going in there to try and calm her down."

Callie shot him a look and grabbed a fresh apron. "Gee thanks, throw me under the bus husband."

Carol was silent, thoughtful, bemused. "Well that's all very well but I was referring to Callie's chocolate pie that you defaced. “I know that finger swipe anywhere."

Callie burst out laughing and reached for her apron while Jon gathered his thoughts. Good one, they almost had got away with it until he opened his big mouth. "I don't know what you're talking about," he maintained. 

Carol turned to his wife. "You've done a remarkable job in here Callie. Your parents have just arrived so I'll go back out and give you both a minute to recompose."

Callie nodded. "Thank you Carol and yes we'll be right out with drinks." 

"And Jon, see if you can keep yourself under control for the next three hours."

And with that she left.

Jon opened the fridge and plucked out the wine. "I can't believe she still took your side when it was you that came onto me."

"Hey buddy you licked the pie. Not me."

He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind her and nosed her hair. "And you licked my cock. So we're even."

And that is what he called a Bongiovi thanksgiving. 


  1. I can't stop giggling.... "Hey buddy, you licked the pie...."


  2. LOL! Whoops!
    Guilty conscious couldn't withstand the Carol stare! LOL

    You licked the pie all right. lol

  3. OMG... totally hot and way too funny... "you licked the pie."

    Loved it Kiwi

    still snickering...

  4. hehe, great one :)
    and perfect timing ;)

  5. Loved how he was so quick to tell his mom Callie FORCED sex on him *snicker*

    And the pie line was priceless!

    ~ Hath