Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Little Dessert

We Fictionistas have much for which to be Thankful this holiday season.  We are blessed with wonderful friends, amazing Sisters, and overactive imaginations. So, as a little holiday treat, we decided to share a few of the delicious thoughts running through our collectively naughty minds.

Grab a glass of wine and that leftover piece of pumpkin pie, and enjoy a little dessert.

Home Cookin'  by Catte Sambora
Cate's in the kitchen whipping up a little something for Jon's homecoming

Richie and Delilah have a lot to give thanks for this holiday season

Callie and Jon deal with the stress of preparing Thanksgiving dinner for their families

The Call  by Jovi's Willow
Mollie and David share a little long-distance thankfulness

Courage to deal with Thanksgiving in Carol Bongiovi's home comes in the most interesting places...

Black Friday by The Goddess Hathor
Jenna and Kammi find something better to do than shop on Black Friday