Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don't Worry, Be Thankful

by Queenie

“Here.”  She handed Richie the dish.  “That’s it, that’s the last of them.”

He carefully wiped it dry and placed it in the cupboard.  “There was only the two of us Del.  How did you manage to dirty so many dishes?”  He was sure she must have used every dish in his cupboard.

She stuck her tongue out playfully.  “It was Thanksgiving darlin’.  There was a lot to-“ she trailed off and pressed a hand to her stomach.  “Ooh.”

Hanging up the dish towel he looked over at her.  She wore a soft smile on her face as she rubbed her hand over her distended belly.  Pregnancy looked good on her.  She was absolutely radiant.  “He kicking you again?”

She took his hand and placed it on her stomach.  “All the time.  And ya said ‘he’ again.”  Every time they talked about the baby, Rich referred to it as ‘he’.  She really hoped he wouldn’t be too disappointed if the baby came out a girl.   “Why are ya so sure this baby is a boy?”

“I’m not.”  He smiled.  “I’m just highly optimistic.”  He really didn’t care, but since he already had a girl, he figured a boy would be nice.  He wrapped his arms around her, gently pulling her from the kitchen.  “Come on, let’s go in the other room and get you off your feet.”

She went willingly.  Any chance to be off her feet she was all for.  She was three weeks from her due date and feeling more ready by the minute.  She just hoped Richie was there when the big moment came.  He was slated to be in Australia when her due date rolled around.

She watched him light the fire.  He had been away so much lately.  She had traveled with him as much as she could, but she couldn’t go with him this next time.  She hadn’t gone to South America with him either.  He had been too worried about her safety to risk having her with him.  She had made the trip to Alabama for the Gulf Shores benefit and then had all but bribed her doctor to let her go to New York just two weeks ago but he had told her no more after that.  It was too dangerous to be flying so close to her due date.  She frowned.  What was she going to do for the next three weeks in this huge house all by herself?

Richie turned from the fireplace, her frown had him concerned.  He moved closer, sitting on the ottoman in front of her.  “Del, honey, what’s wrong?”

She shook her head. “Nothing really.”

He picked up her feet and set them in his lap, pulling off her shoes.  “You don’t frown over nothing darlin’.  Talk to me.”  He started to rub her feet, massaging from heel to toes, digging slightly harder into the arch.

She dropped her head back against the back of the couch. “God Rich,” she purred, “that feels sooo good.”

He smiled while he watched her.  Her hands were on her stomach again and her face was a mask of pure bliss.  “Come on Del, talk to me.  Tell me what was bothering you.”

She sighed.  “You’re leaving again.”   She didn’t want to be one of those whiny women who couldn’t handle having her man be away, but in her condition she was nervous about being alone.

He started on her other foot.  “I know, but I’ll be back before you know it.”

She nodded, “I know, but what if this little one comes before you get home?”  She really didn’t want to go through labor all by herself.

He slid his hand up from her foot, his fingers stroking lightly over her ankle and up her calf.  “I can only promise to do my best to be here darlin’.”  Damn you Jon, he silently cursed.  Why did you have to go and schedule that third Sidney show anyway?  He had done his best to argue his case with Jon about that last show, but it had fallen on deaf ears.  Ever since Harper had ended things he’d been a miserable ass. 

Richie slid his hand up inside her pant leg, up to caress the inside of her knee.  He wasn’t going to think about that now.  He had tonight and tomorrow before he had worry about leaving again.  That would be soon enough.  Right now he wanted to revel in her, lose himself in her until he had to leave for Japan.  He could, however, ease Del’s mind.  “Mac is gonna come out here next week darlin’.  She’s going to stay until we get back to the states.  You won’t be alone.”

Delilah smiled and her eyes were misty.  God she loved him.  He was always looking out for her, taking care of her.  “Thank you.”  She sank a little lower on the couch.  His fingers were creeping higher on her leg and her skin fairly sang at his touch.   She all but whimpered when he pulled his hand away. 

“Shh,” he whispered as he slid off the ottoman to kneel in front of her.  His hands moved up her thighs, up under the hem of her top.  Long fingers caressed the taut skin of her stomach, brushing lightly against the heavy under curve of her breasts, then higher, barely grazing the tips of her quickly hardening nipples.

Pushing at her shirt he pressed his lips to the soft, taut skin of her belly.  Her hourglass figure was gone for now, but seeing her body full with their child did nothing to diminish his desire, his innate need for her.  He skimmed up to her breasts, fuller now they nearly spilled from their silky purple cups.  His lips nipped greedily, closing over one pebble hard nipple. 

She shifted restlessly under him.  He always knew just where to touch to give her the greatest pleasure.  She slid her hands along his strong back, grabbing a fist full of shirt as she went.  She wanted to touch him, feel his skin under hands.  It would be a while before they would be together this way again, she wanted to savor ever bit of this, of him.

Easing her closer to the edge of the couch, Rich slid her pants away, kissing up the inside of her thighs before rising and shedding his own clothes.  He crawled up behind her on the couch, gently pulling her down next to him.  His lips grazed her shoulder, his fingers slid over her hip, down the crease of her thigh.  He groaned quietly in her ear as his fingers found her oh so ready for him.  Even after months of being together, he was still amazed to find them so in sync with each other.

Gently lifting her leg, he slid ever closer, the tip of his cock pressed against her clit, garnering him a low purring moan.  Shifting slightly, he wrapped his arm around her and slipped into her warm, welcoming heat.  Closing his eyes he sent up silent thanks that he had found this amazing woman and that she had taken a chance on him.

Her hands tightened on his forearms, her orgasm pressing down on her, but just out of reach.  She groaned in frustration at the achingly slow pace he had set.  She pressed her hips back against him, wanting him, urging him to move faster.

He kept his strokes, slow and gentle, ignoring her silent plea.  He was in no hurry tonight, he was going to draw this moment out as long as he could.  He slid his hands up, palming one heavy breast, his fingers teasing the hard tip.  His lips grazed across her shoulder, his tongue tasting a path up her neck to the shell of her ear.   “Come on Del” he whispered.  He knew she was close, he could feel it.  “Let it go baby.”  He pinched her nipple lightly and thrust just a little harder.

Her head dropped against his shoulder and her fingers dug into his forearm.  Turning her head her lips grazed his jaw and she came with a low groan.

He kept his hips moving, riding the wave of her release with her.  He slid his hand down the front of her, caressing her belly lightly before dipping lower, circling that tiny throbbing knot of nerves, giving even as he was taking.

Keeping up the pressure on her clit, he pumped his hips slightly faster, his own release tingling along his spine.  “Again” he growled in her ear, “again baby, with me this time.”

He groaned as his release roared through him, holding her tight against him, feeling her shudder around him as she came again.

Dropping his forehead to her shoulder, he panted, trying to catch his breath.  He was going to miss her like crazy. 

His lips skimmed across her shoulder and he pulled the blanket from the back of the couch to cover them.  “Are you all right?”  She hadn’t said anything in a long while.

She nodded and grasped his hand, placing it on her stomach.  A hand or foot was beating a light tattoo against his hand.  “I love you so much Rich.  I can’t tell ya how thankful I am for that dayum dating site.”

He chuckled lightly as he caressed her stomach.  “So am I darlin’.  So am I.”


  1. Aww.
    All that delicious, slow loving.
    Just what the doctor ordered.

    They're so sweet together. Thanks for the visit, Steph.

  2. Aww that was so sweet Q. I melted into that ;)

    Now where can I find a dating site that'll get me one of those? :)

  3. Poor Delilah; going to miss her Richie. That was very sweet though :) *sigh*

    ~ Hath

  4. Mmmmmmm. Happy Thanksgiving! Can I have that too? Okay without the pregnant belly LOL
    Sweet and Hot. I liked it :)