Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday

by The Goddess Hathor


“Awww, fuck, Jenna, the alarm!”  Richie didn’t even open his eyes as he flailed for the alarm clock.   He let out a string of curses as he rolled over onto Jenna’s side of the bed.  He crushed the offending noisemaker with a closed fist.  The clock let out one last pathetic bleat and was blissfully quiet.

“Sorry baby,” Jenna said as she came into the bedroom on a cloud of peach-scented air.  “I thought I turned that off before I got in the shower.”

 “Remind me again why you’re up BEFORE the ass-crack of dawn?”

“It’s tradition!  You know my sister and I always go shopping as soon as the shops open on Black Friday.  It’s one of our games – has been for years.” 

Richie could tell Jenna was smiling, though it was too dark for him to see.  “Darlin’, if you’re so hell-bent on stuffing your bags with packages, I can give you a package to stuff.  And you don’t have a sister.”

Jenna laughed outright.  “You know damned well I’ve known Kammi from birth and we’ve been through so much together that she’s practically my sister.  AND if I’m not mistaken, you stuffed me well into the night.”  She disappeared into the dressing room and turned on the light.

Richie groaned and covered his face with a pillow.  “My eyes!  It’s too early to be using my eyes!”

Jenna came to the doorway and looked at Richie, hands on her hips.  “Jesus, you’re such a baby.  Go back to sleep.”

Richie lifted the pillow from his face, looked at his gorgeously nude girlfriend, and chuckled.  “Yeah, well, that’s not gonna happen – I’m awake now.  All of me is awake.  And you’re naked and smell like peaches.  Your hair is all loose and flowy around you – you know I’m a sucker for long blonde hair.  You also know how I love you smelling like peaches.  And naked.  C’mere, baby.”  Richie pulled back the covers.  The light spilling from the dressing room fell over the bed, illuminating Richie’s hard-on.

Jenna ducked back into the dressing room, and came out half a minute later, lingerie in one hand, clothes in the other.  “Rich, Kammi will be here in less than fifteen minutes.”

“So cum quick.  I know you can do it.  Shit, pretend it’s yesterday when we ducked into the kitchen to get dessert.”

Jenna blushed as she remembered yesterday’s pie run.

“I’ll  be right back,” Jenna said to her sixteen guests.  “Rich, wanna give me a hand with the coffee while I slice up the pies?”

“Right behind ya, darlin’,” Richie answered.  “We’ll be right back,” he said to the table.

When the kitchen door swung shut behind him, Richie strode across the room to take Jenna in his arms.

“Rich!” Jenna hissed, looking over his shoulder at the door.  “Anyone could come in here!”

“So what,” he answered, pressing Jenna against the fridge and sliding his hand up her skirt.  He scooped his fingers under the crotch of her panties and stroked her lips.  “You’ve been tense all day, worried about dinner, and now it’s all behind us, and a rousing success, might I add, and you need to relax.  I’m helping.”

“God,” Jenna hissed as Richie unerringly found her clit with his middle finger and rubbed hard, fast circles around it.  Jenna’s right leg helplessly hooked up over Richie’s hips to give him better access to her.  “Okay,” she whispered.  “But hurry!”

He latched onto her mouth and swallowed her moans as Richie brought her closer to orgasm.  “C’mon,” he murmured against her mouth.  “Gimme some cream for my coffee.”  He slid his finger deep inside her to test her wetness.  Finding her drenched, he smiled.  “That’s it,” he said, and slid a second finger alongside the first.  When Jenna’s breathing became ragged, and he knew she was close, he unwound Jenna’s leg from his waist and dropped to his knees.

Jenna bent her knees slightly and gasped when Richie tore the panties from her.  She had to press hard against the fridge for support when Richie grabbed her ass roughly and pulled her dripping pussy to his face.  He buried his head between her legs and drove his tongue deep inside her.  He scraped his front teeth across her clit until her legs buckled and her cum flooded his mouth.  Moaning with delight, he sucked her dry and licked her clean.

They brought the pies and coffee out a few minutes later, secret smiles on their faces.

Smiling at the memory, Jenna dropped her clothes and slid in beside Richie.  “You win,” she said. 

“Outstanding,” Richie answered, and rolled Jenna beneath him.  He spent long minutes kissing her neck, making sure to tease the spots behind her ears where she was particularly sensitive.  He kissed the swell of her breasts, avoiding the nipples because he knew she wanted him to kiss her there.

Instead, he kissed his way down her stomach and spread her legs wide.  He settled in on his stomach to eat her out, licking and biting and stroking her with his tongue.   Her thighs clenched around his head, and her hands fisted into the sheets as she got closer and closer to release.  When she was on the very edge of her orgasm, Richie levered up and entered her with one swift stroke, burying his cock in her to the hilt.

“Oh FUCK Richie!” Jenna gasped as she adjusted to his invasion.

“That’s the idea, baby,” Richie said.  He suckled her breasts while he fucked her, taking the nipples deep into his mouth.  He bit them slightly, knowing his girl liked it a little rough and dirty.  When Jenna arched from the bed crying Richie’s name, he chuckled.  “See?  Told you so,” Richie panted.

Chuckling, Jenna moved to shift their positions, and Richie took the hint, rolling onto his back.  Jenna pushed up so she was sitting astride, and she rolled her hips, grinding into him.  “You feel so fucking good, baby,” she purred.

Richie grabbed her hips, pulling her down hard on his cock.  He raised her slightly, and pulled her back down, mashing her clit into his coarse pubic hair.

“Jenna?” a voice whispered from the open doorway.  “Oh shit!” Kammi squeaked, when she saw what she had walked in on.  “God, I’m sorry!”  She turned away quickly.  “I’ll be downstairs!”

Richie and Jenna exchanged a quick, knowing look.  “Kammi!” Jenna called.  “Um, we’re going to be a little while; why don’t you come on in?”

“Are you sure?” Kammi said from the door.

“Absolutely, darlin’,” Richie said.  “The more, the merrier, right, Kam?”

“If you say so, Richie.” 

Kammi had been friends with Jenna since they were old enough to know what friends were.  They went through school together, roomed together in college, experimented together, and shared everything with each other.  They were closer than sisters, and introduced each other as such, though they looked nothing alike.  Where Jenna was a tall, leggy blonde, Kammi was a petite, pint-sized fiery red-head.  Kammi had been at dinner the previous night, and didn’t miss the little smile the two of them shared as they served up dessert.  She knew they had been playing around in the kitchen, and hoped that Jenna and Richie would invite her to play at some point.

It looked like today was the day.

Jenna locked eyes on Kammi as she stepped into the room and dropped her purse on the chair by the door.  Kammi sat on the chair to unzip her boots, and stowed them neatly beneath the seat.  She crossed to the bed and knelt up next to Jenna.  Jenna pulled her in for a kiss.  “Take your clothes off, Kam,” Jenna said.  “It’ll be more fun that way.”

Kammi hurried to comply, and scrambled back on the bed. 

“Up here, Kam,” Richie said.  “Let me taste that sweet pussy of yours.”

Kammi braced herself on the headboard, and straddled Richie’s head.  He lowered her by the hips until he had her in his mouth.  He moaned happily as he licked her, sucking at her clit.

“Sweet HELL!” Kammi shouted as Richie flicked his tongue over her sensitive clit.

“Good isn’t he,” Jenna asked, resuming her leisurely ride on Richie’s cock.  “Just wait until he fucks you,” she said.  “He’s amazing.”  She leaned forward, changing Richie’s angle inside her.  The shift made Richie’s whole body flex, and he pressed Kammi closer into his face. 

“Aw hell,” Kammi said.  “Fuck, I’m so close.”

Jenna leaned forward more and reached around, palming her friend’s breasts.  She pinched the nipples firmly, and Kammi arched her back.  Kammi came with a scream, trying to lever off Richie’s mouth.  He was having none of it, though, and held her close, licking at her until she came again.  Only then did he let her go.

Kammi climbed off Richie with shaky legs and moved to straddle his thighs behind Jenna.  She wrapped her arms around Jenna’s waist.  She toyed with her girlfriend’s nipples, twisting and pulling them while Jenna rode on.  Richie sat up as best he could and wrapped his arms around both women.

“Now this is a tradition I could get used to,” he said.  He kissed Jenna deeply, sharing Kammi’s flavor with her.  When he came up for air, Jenna ducked aside, and Kammi leaned forward for a kiss.  The press of Kammi behind her, matched with Richie in front of, under, and inside her, had Jenna orgasming again.  Kammi chuckled, broke the kiss, and slid back just enough to expose Richie’s balls to her. 

She watched as Jenna slid up and down Richie’s considerable length.  “Are you close, Rich?” Kammi asked.  A grunt was her only answer.  She whispered, “Lie back, Rich.  Take Jenna with you.”  Richie did as he was bid, and Kammi snaked a hand between Richie’s strong thighs to cup his sac.  “Cum now, Richie,” she said.  “Pump Jenna full so I can suck it out.  You want to watch that, don’t you?”

“Sweet fuck, yeah,” Richie groaned.

Kammi squeezed just a little tighter.  “C’mon now, stud,” she said.  “C’mon…”

Richie cursed and arched and his whole body tensed up as he came, spasming into Jenna for long minutes.  Jenna purred as his orgasm triggered another for her, and she melted onto Richie’s chest.  “I love you,” she whispered, before planting a kiss over his heart.

“I love you too, now let Kammi clean you up.”  Richie eased her over onto her back and propped his head up on one hand.  “Well?” he said to Kammi.

Kam got right to it, spreading Jenna’s thighs and laying in between them.  She gently scooped Richie’s cum out with her tongue, and lapped at her until she came again, her contractions forcing the rest of Richie from her body.  “Enough,” Jenna begged.  “Please.”

Kammi smiled and kissed her friend gently on the lips.  Then she turned to Richie who had gotten hard again just from watching.  “You need taking care of too?” she asked.

“You think you can handle it?” Richie countered with a mischievous grin.

“Hell yeah,” Kammi answered.  She laid on her side, her head at Richie’s cock.  Richie grabbed for her tits and she took him into her mouth as far as he would go and started sucking.

“Oh FUCK,” Richie groaned, rousing Jenna from her stupor.  Seeing her two closest friends in the world pleasuring each other got her going again.  She slid her hand into Kammi’s slick folds, and started to play.  Richie, not wanting to be the only one not helping, pulled Jenna in for a soul-melting kiss while his hands got busy on her body.   Jenna screamed into Richie’s mouth, and drove her fingers into Kammi, finger-fucking her mercilessly.  Kammi moaned around Richie’s cock as she came and set him off, his cum shooting down the back of her throat.

Spent, the three lay there, arms and legs tangled, chuckling nervously.

“Jenna,” Kammi panted, “This is a much better tradition than shopping.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Jenna answered.


  1. Seems Christmas came early for Richie... *giggle*

  2. Well then.
    Shouldn't we call it XXX Friday?


    Richie certainly should be giving thanks for that little escapade.

    HOT, Hath!

  3. Holy... way better than shopping indeed!!

    Damn that was Hot ma'am!

  4. Sweet HELL that was insane! But man, LMAO Richie is RIGHT in his element. That was crazy, and hell.. I wanna be there! HOT!

  5. Thank god I was alone today *GASP*