Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Call

by JovisWillow

The house was warm with a fire roaring in the fireplace, crackling now and again, the flames glowing dark amber, red and even blue as Mollie sat curled up on the couch waiting for David’s call. Candles were lit here and there in the room, the smells of the season adding to the ambiance of the room. She draped a blanket over her legs to add to the warm snuggled up feeling and waited.

Six o’clock on the dot. He was nothing if not punctual.

“Hello Angel. How’s my favorite girl?”

“Hello my love. I miss you terribly, but I’m ok. How are things with you?”

“It’s cold here. I need you to warm me up.”

David’s hand went immediately to the button that raised the privacy screen, but not before catching the driver’s eyes in the rearview, angling his brow in silent communication between men.

“Oh really, and pray tell how am I supposed to do that?” she replied coyly. She knew damn well what he was talking about and was completely prepared to give it to him, but he was gonna have to work for it a little first.

“What are you wearing?” he replied saucily.

“Seriously, is that the best line you’ve got?” She laughed in reply.

He laughed in return. Not really doin it for you, is it?” Tell me then, what are you up to right now?”

They chatted for a few minutes, she telling him her plans to stay in and enjoy the small Thanksgiving meal she had prepared for herself. She had had a long couple of weeks at work and was looking forward to some quiet downtime. She wished he could be there with him. but their schedules just wouldn’t allow it. He could hear the longing in her voice and wanted to tell her his secret but kept quiet and just listened. She told him about the fire and the wine, setting the scene for him. David jus closed his eyes and listened, her voice like liquid gold to him.

“Oh, baby, that sounds amazing. I so wish I was there. I’d snuggle under that blanket and get you all kinds of squishy, inside and out.”

She lowered her voice, almost to a purr. “Oh really? Do tell, kind Sir. I miss you somethin awful. What can you provide to soothe me?”

“I’ve got the cure for anything you need baby. Starting behind your neck. I believe I’d curl up next to you, burying my face in your hair. I’ll bet it smells like pears and oatmeal, I so love that about you. I’d snake my hand into that hair and twist it around my hand and pull, just hard enough to make you gasp. I’d pull it up to bear that delicious neck of yours, kissing that little space at the base of your hair that makes you stop and melt anytime I touch you there.”

He heard her breath hitch. He could picture her in his mind... eyes closed, head back on the couch, lips parted just listening to his voice.

You like that baby, don’t you?

“Uh huh”... was all she could say.

“You want more?”

“Uh huh...”

“I’d pull you down just a little so that I could have more unfettered access to that gorgeous body of yours. Then comes the kiss. Soft at first, tasting you lips, drawing out your tongue and capturing it for my very own. You know how much I love kissing you, don’t you Angel?”

No sound came from the other side of the phone. She was busy imagining the feel of his warm, soft, strong lips against hers... the feel of his hair falling into her face, tickling as his curls came into contact with her skin. It wasn’t fair that he had to be gone, but they had worked together to perfect the art of phone sex so that even when they were apart they could connect with one another in that special way.

“Angel, stay with me. We have a long way to go and I want to hear every single reaction you have.”

God she loved when he called her that

“I’m imagining the taste of your skin, so smooth and soft. I’d kiss you from the back of your ear, down your neck, making sure not to miss a single inch of your intoxicating taste. I’d move down your body slowly, small kisses following long licks with my tongue. I’d get to your chest, running my tongue over your nipples and biting them gently, watching as they perked up before my eyes. Touch them for me Angel. Imagine that I’m twisting them in my fingers. Do it for me now. Tell me how it feels”.

“Da...” she couldn’t even utter his name. She wanted him so bad and the ache was just too real. She reached under her shirt and twisted her own nipple with one hand, letting out a small yelp as the blood rushed to the surface under her skin. She could imagine his hands on her as the heat rose from her core. The more he spoke the more turned on she became.

“Mmm, baby, you taste so good to me. Now I’m gonna kiss you down your middle, your tummy and that sexy as hell belly button. Don’t laugh though, I know you can push past the ticklish...”

Laying further down on the couch, Mollie ran her own hand down her skin, continuing the imagination of David touching and kissing her now blazing hot skin. She pushed her fingers even farther, into her panties, feeling her skin turn even softer in that most delicate of places. She was shaved smooth, he liked her that way and she was always at the ready for him and that made her smile. As her fingers reached her hot, wet clit, she let out a deep moan.

David listened. No more words were needed, as he knew exactly where she going and what she was doing. His jeans tightened more with each pant, breath and moan he heard through the phone. He reached to unbutton his jeans, his cock springing forward as if to say “thank you” for releasing it from it’s denim confines. He began to stroke himself, imagining Mollie’s tongue running along the length of him. He missed her so much and couldn’t wait to be with her and inside her once again.

Mollie continued her ministrations, rubbing her clit with her index finger. Her heat was raging at full blast now. She kicked the blanket onto the floor as her hips began to buck and sway the more turned on she got.



“What are you doing sweetheart. Tell me what you are doing” David prodded gently as he continued to stroke himself.

“Touching myself, imagining its you. Wanting you inside me, your fingers, your tongue and most of all your gorgeous cock. I’m remembering, thinking of how you always make me cum just with your fingers at first and wishing you were here to do that to me now.”

“But baby, I am there.” he said gently but with an air of authority as he took control of the conversation once more. “Can’t you feel me touching you? Use your own fingers and do exactly what I tell you. Can you do that for me, baby?”

“Mmhmm. At least I’ll try.”

David smiled to himself at her coy answer. He knew damned well that she could and would get herself off and that her mock shyness was meant simply as a way to tell him that she wanted “instructions” from him. He was more than happy to oblige.

“Use two fingers baby. Push them down onto your lips and spread them apart for me gently. Spread your legs nice and wide so that if I were there I would see everything. No need to be shy with me, right?


“Now slowly, slide your two fingers inside. I’ll just bet you are wetter than wet, aren’t you. Tell me how it feels.”


“No, no.. I want to hear words Angel. TELL ME how it feels” he said a bit more forcefully.

“Hot... wet... gooooooood” she panted and moaned.

“Now turn you hand and hook your fingers so that your nails scratch softly at the wall behind your clit. You know what I mean, right”

“Yes, of cour.....” her words ceasing the moment her fingers came in contact with that spot.

“Ahhhh I’m gonna......” her breaths continued, more urgent and more ragged with each passing second.

“Gonna what, Angel”

“C....c....c..... cum!” she moaned as her floodgates opened and she felt her hot juices flow freely over her hand.

David closed his eyes and listened as her moaning crested and subsided. He stroked himself for a few moments longer, his eyes closed and his head laid back. After a few minutes, he knew he was just moments away from his own release.

“Angel, are you listening?”

“Yes, love… I’m here” she said in a faint whisper that he could barely hear. She was on the downside of the crest but made no move to stop the movement of her fingers inside her.

“Angel, I’m gonna cum soon. My balls are so tight and I can imagine your gorgeous mouth moving up and down my cock.”

The very thought of that had Mollie warm again in a mere second. She was going to cum again, but this time they would do so together.

“Tell me, Davie” she encouraged him, using the pet name that was reserved only for them and only in private.

Sweat beaded on David’s temples as his breathing became more shallow and his hand moved faster up and down his throbbing shaft.

“Oh Angel, I miss you so much. I’m gonna….”

“Me too” Mollie’s voice cracked as her fingers slid in and out faster, her thumb on the nub of her clit and her nails raking softly against her G spot.

The next few minutes were silent, sans the deep, heavy breathing of the two lovers. It was several very intense moments later that they both came to release.

“Oh, sweet hell” he moaned has he came, his seed spilling into and over his hand.

“Oh, Davi…..” was the only response she could muster as her walls contracted around her fingers in another crashing orgasm.

Silence ensued for what seemed like eternity as the two calmed themselves and came back down to earth.

I love you Angel.

I love you, Davie. I’ll see you soon. Happy Thanksgiving.

David cleaned up and composed himself  just as the limo pulled up in front of her house. Rolling down the privacy window between himself and the driver, he thanked the man for the ride and handed over a generous tip.

Just as Mollie was nodding off to sleep, the snick of his key in the lock barely registered in her brain.

His soft, sweet breath whispered in her ear.

“Happy Thanksgiving, My Love.”

With that he lifted her from the couch and carried her off to bed.


  1. Aww. That was sweet and lovely.
    And hot.
    Let's not forget hot.
    Nothing like a little phone sex to start the night. She's so in trouble when he gets her up those stairs.

  2. Hot and sweet Wils.
    Very nice and I agree with Tara, once they are up those stairs, nothing but trouble...

  3. Oh lordy! Loved that he turned up at the end! All kinds of sweet and hot Wils!

  4. Love his Thanksgiving surprise, and I'll just bet he'll make her all kinds of squishy :)

    ~ Hath