Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home Cookin'

by Catte Sambora

The hired car had barely rolled to a stop when Jon bolted out the rear passenger door.  In a trio of long strides he was at the mansion’s entry.  He bounded up the steps and burst through the door, dropping his bag as he kicked the heavy oak door shut behind him.  He shrugged his leather jacket from his shoulders and flung it to the floor, then tossed his wire-framed sunglasses on the hall table as he passed.

His pulse raced as Jon strode purposefully down the long hallway toward the kitchen.  He knew she would be there, doing the prep work for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving meal.  Jon’s hands went to his waist and he pushed the leather strap through the buckle.  It had been half a month since he last touched her, two long weeks on the West Coast.  Jon was famished, but not for tomorrow’s feast.  His hunger was for her.

Jon’s breathing grew ragged as he neared the entry to the spacious room.  His hands scrabbled at his fly, fumbling with the button and zipper of his jeans as he moved.  He heard her singing softly, the soft tap of a knife blade on butcher block cadencing her melody. 

When he saw her, Jon’s lips parted in a soft gasp followed by a throaty growl.  He stumbled slightly at the doorway’s threshold, his surging desire momentarily dizzying him.   Cate was standing at the island, a coy smile on her lips as she rhythmically chopped a stalk of celery.  Her eyes were on her hands, but it was obvious she was aware of his presence.

She was waiting for him.

Jon’s eyes widened and he was hit by another tidal wave of lust.  His gaze raked over her, taking in the strand of pearls circling her delicate throat, the red apron tied loosely around her waist, and the crimson stiletto peep-toe pumps on her feet.  They were the exact same shade of scarlet as the gloss shimmering on her soft, smirking lips.

She wasn’t wearing anything else.

Jon groaned and practically leaped across the room, reaching for her.  Cate chuckled softly, her only acknowledgement of his presence.  The heavy chef’s knife dropped from her hand, clattering on the butcher-block top of the island as Jon roughly grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him.

Circling an arm around her waist and yanking her hard against him, Jon dropped his mouth to Cate’s.  His tongue thrusted between her lips, twining with hers as he kissed her ferociously.  Cate purred deep in her throat as she responded to his kiss, her palms resting against Jon’s heaving chest.

Jon reached with his free hand to capture her wrist in an iron grip.  Tightening his hold on her waist, he spun Cate away from the island.  He growled against her mouth as he backed her swiftly across the kitchen, pinning her up against the stainless steel-doored refrigerator. 

Cate gasped loudly at the impact of the cold metal against her nude backside, then whimpered as again Jon ravaged her mouth.   She tried to arch away from the chill, but Jon pressed his weight harder against her, imprisoning her against the appliance. 

Cate raised her free hand to push against Jon’s chest, urging him to move.  He responded with a wicked chuckle and a hard thrust of his hips against hers.  She gasped again at the feel of Jon’s stone-hard shaft rubbing against her mound, separated from her only by the thin cotton of her apron.

Again Cate’s breath was stolen in another fiery kiss.  She moaned against Jon’s mouth, feeling her body flush with heat as she submitted to his silent demands.  Jon’s reply was another throaty rumble of delight.  His hand still around Cate’s wrist, he pulled her arm upward, extending it above her head. 

Continuing to pin her against the refrigerator with his body, Jon captured Cate’s other hand and tugged it upward.  He crossed her wrists then held them firmly in one of his hands, above her head.  Cate moaned softly as Jon’s lips traveled over her jaw and to her throat. 

Jon eased the press of his body against hers, allowing Cate to arch her back and tip her head back, exposing her neck to his mouth.  Her scarlet lips curved into a blissful smile as Jon nuzzled and licked his way down the column of her throat, chuckling as he paused to tug at the strand of pearls with his teeth. 

Dropping the necklace, Jon traced the notch of her clavicles with the tip of his tongue before his lips continued their descent to the firm mounds of flesh below.  Cate whimpered with pleasure as Jon sucked first at one rosy nipple, then at the other, sending shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her body.

Panting with desire, Jon pulled his lips from Cate’s breasts and again plundered her mouth.  His grasp tightened around her wrists as she tried to wiggle them free, wanting to tangle her fingers in his hair.  With his other hand Jon reached to his waist, shoving his unfastened jeans downward.  His unfettered cock surged against the fabric of Cate’s apron, seeking the wet warmth between her thighs. 

With an annoyed growl Jon reached down to sweep the scarlet curtain aside, unveiling her.  He smirked wickedly at Cate’s whimper when he palmed her mound, slipping two long fingers between her slick folds.  Cate’s plaintive whine turned into a delighted gasp when Jon’s fingers curled up and into her, stroking her walls.

Jon chuckled evilly at Cate’s response to his ministrations, lowering his mouth again to her neck.  He licked and sucked at her throat as he continued to work his fingers inside her, his arousal growing by the second as Cate writhed and panted against him. 

Desperate to reciprocate with her own touch, Cate tried to free her hands.  Her escape attempt immediately ceased when Jon gripped her crossed wrists roughly and growled a guttural warning.  Her chest heaved with her labored breaths as she sank back against the cool metal of the refrigerator door, further submitting to Jon’s exquisite torture.

Cate whimpered with want when Jon slowly withdrew his fingers, then yelped with pleasure when he penetrated her again, this time adding a third finger.  Cate shuddered and bucked hard against Jon’s hand as he pumped her rhythmically, intensifying her stimulation with each stroke.

When he was confident Cate was teetering on the brink of orgasm, Jon pounced.  Dragging his wet fingers across her thigh, Jon forcefully gripped the back of Cate’s leg and lifted.  His hand slid to the bend of her knee, pulling her leg higher, opening her more fully to him.

Cate’s passion-hooded eyes met Jon’s for a long moment as he paused.  The raw desire in the swirling midnight pools took Jon’s breath away.  With a long groan he shoved his hips forward against Cate’s, burying his cock deep inside her tight, twitching pussy.  Cate let out her own ecstatic moan at the contact, arching herself against him. 

Jon grunted as he thrusted against her again, delighting in the feel of her walls contracting around him, squeezing his shaft as her climax threatened.  Releasing her wrists from his grip, Jon braced his hand against the refrigerator door and with his other hand hitched her leg a little higher.  Cate purred and curled her leg around his waist, trying to draw him even more fully inside her. 

The shift in her position caused Jon to gasp with delight as he slipped a few centimeters deeper inside her.  Abandoning his control, Jon began to pulse his hips rapidly against Cate, nailing her hard up against the refrigerator door.  Cate shrieked with ecstasy, wrapping her arms around Jon’s torso and holding on tight, her nails biting into the muscles of his back through his soft cotton t-shirt. 

She gasped out his name over and over, with each powerful thrust of his hips, until she shuddered with the explosion of her release.  Jon held Cate tightly, not letting her squirm away to lessen the intensity of their contact, despite her whimpered pleas. 

When the crest of her climax passed Jon allowed himself to let go.  Again drilling Cate’s pussy with jackhammer thrusts, Jon felt his own explosion rapidly building.  With another guttural growl Jon reached down to grasp the back of Cate’s other thigh, lifting her fully off her feet.  With a cry Cate immediately wrapped her legs around Jon’s waist, crossing her ankles to lock her to him, the sexy red stilettos wavering up and down with the movement of Jon’s hips.  

Panting with barely-contained arousal, Jon slammed Cate hard against the refrigerator door, pinning her there as he fucked her furiously.  He groaned out her name as he emptied himself into her, then shuddered and collapsed against her body.

Jon and Cate stayed frozen for a long moment, locked together in ecstasy as they struggled to breathe and regain control of their bodies.  Finally Jon eased back enough to free Cate, gently lowering her trembling legs until her stilettos touched the floor.  Still panting, she slumped back against the refrigerator.  Grinning, Jon tipped his head forward to rest his sweaty forehead against hers.

“Honey, I’m home.” 


  1. Well, well, wel-cum home Jon *snicker*

    Nicely done, Cate :)

    ~ Hath

  2. LMAO!
    Well there's a welcum home for ya!
    HOT, Cate.

    And now I won't be able to look at my stainless steel fridge without thinking about THAT.

    Well, I'll replace Cate with TARA, but you know...whateva.

  3. And heeeeeere's Jonny! LOL

    Nicely done Cate.

    HOT, HOT, HOT!!

  4. Here's Jonny indeed!! Damn I want some of what they had.

  5. Wow...that was pretty intense! Haha! I kept thinking about all the stupid magnets I have on my stainless fridge! LOL! Those would have hurt digging into my back! OUCH! *Hurt me Jonny!* =)~

    ~ Sterling

  6. Well then...gotta say I want that, ALL of that---that was hot!

  7. thats a way to welcome someone home, damn hot Cate :)