Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home: A Miami Thanksgiving

By TaraLeigh

“You can’t stay in there forever you know.”

Tessa groaned, thumping her forehead into the door. She knew he was right, but the bathroom seemed a far better idea than her mother-in-law’s parlor. It was certainly less stifling than the overwhelming floral pattern of the furniture, fussy curtains, and chairs and couches that made cement floors seem downright plush.

“C’mon, babe. We’ve got just a few more hours to go and then we have three whole days in Key Biscayne. That little hut off the beach…”

She sighed. They'd been looking forward to this long weekend for awhile. “No cell phones?”

He turned the knob, pushing inside, his fingers going straight for the nape of her neck in a familiar gesture that never ceased to ease and arouse. He closed the door behind him, cupping her face as he brushed her mouth lightly with his. “No cell phones. The only charger is in my car.”

Her fingers wrapped around his wrist, the steady beat of his pulse went a long way to evening her out. “Just you and me and a beach and the sound of the ocean?”

“Just you and me.” He tipped her face up just the tiniest flick of tongue in the kiss this time. “Bathing suits optional and your moans go really well with the"

Her lips twitched involuntarily. "Is that so?"

"They do." His nose bumped along her jawline, his lips skittering down to her collarbone. "Three naked days where no one knows who the fuck I am, who the fuck you are, and the only fucking we worry about is the carnal kind." 

Her head tipped back. It wasn't right how much she enjoyed the way fuck rolled off his tongue. And she had to admit, the idea of three long, blissful days of nothing but the ultimate definition of the word made her sigh. The sigh blended into a moan when the tip of his tongue found the little notch in her clavicle.

"We could start now." He nipped at the center of her throat, her body instantly shuddered in response. God, how was it that even after years together he could still make her ache with only a touch?

"We're in a damn closet."

"Bathroom actually," he said and trailed up to her chin with the tip of his tongue.

Her eyes rolled back in her head. Seriously, it wasn't right that he could make her hormones dance like that. "It's the size of a closet."

"I have it on good authority that we've done a closet dance a time or two, babe."

"It was a pantry," she managed to say around the drugging cloud of lust.

"And a coat closet at a party, storage closet backstage..." He slid his thigh between hers until the skirt rode up. "I think we fought with a mop and bucket in that one for space. I won," he said smugly. 

The memory of it thickened the already heady lust fogging her brain. "I'd say we won on that one."

His head came up, the smirk wolfish and full of pride. "No, I definitely won on that one. I almost had to carry you into the after party." She tugged his hair, chewing on his bottom lip until he pinched her ass. "Don't get mean about it, Tess. I can't help it if I gave you so many orgasms that you were tongue-tied and drooling by the end of it."

She laughed. Unfortunately that had been truth. Well, fortunately actually. Jon had been on fire on the stage in London and she'd been in the crowd getting off on the mere fact that her husband was still the hottest thing on two legs when it came to a show. They'd been so wound up by the end they'd both dived on each other the minute he'd gotten through the encore. Even fighting with a musty mop hadn't waylaid them from the wild twenty minute ride in that six by six box off the stage. The fact that more than one roadie had smirked at them at the after party hadn't dented her post coital bliss in the least.

But that family was far different from the battle-axe Jon called a mother. They'd called a truce last Christmas, a level of understanding had overshadowed their usual mash-up at dinner, but as usual that had faded within the year. She wasn't sure why the woman hated her guts. Maybe it was the alpha female order of things when it came to Jon.

"And this dress?" He tugged at the wraparound sash at her hip. "Do you really think the double knot is going to keep me out?"

His thumb swiped along the underside of her breast and up, unerringly thank you very much, until he dipped inside the crossover front to flick over her very ready, very tight nipple. "I do like to give you a challenge," she gasped. He dropped to his knees and she had to hang onto the small pedestal sink. "Oh, hell." Was there anything hotter than her proud, delicious husband on his knees in front of her?

"You did mention challenge," he said in a husky voice, that quirked brow flooding her panties with instant arousal. As if she hadn't already been a gonner.

He started at her bare ankles. The balmy weather in Miami, where the bane of her existance called home in the winter, called for loose and flowy clothes and definitely no hose. His fingertips circled around the tiny straps at the sides of her foot. "You were asking for me to do this when you put these shoes on, you know that right?" Her head tipped back as he scraped his nails lightly over the backs of her calves. "It pulls these muscles so tight." He lifted one up and hooked her knee over his shoulder. "This is entirely your fault."

Her fingers dug into his linen covered shoulders as he nosed open the split skirted dress. His breath warm on the tops of her thighs as he unwrapped her, without untying the little sash of course. She'd been thinking the ride home, or easy access in the car he'd hired to drop them at the resort, but in his parent's house? She swallowed a moan when his tongue darted over the scrap of rust colored panties she wore under the dress. 

"I do love when you color coordinate."

His fingers raked up the backs of her thighs until he cupped a cheek in each palm. The light scruff he was sporting abraded her inner thigh just before his hot breath signaled just where he was. The tip of his tongue played along the silk, burying itself into her rapidly swelling lips. Heat over a silk barrier was eight kinds of cruel, and the light grip on her ass went tighter. "I can smell how hot you are for me. I don't think you really know how hard that gets me."

"I think I have a clue," she said and was rewarded with the flash of his impossibly blue eyes just before he tugged down her panties. The quick snap of elastic dug into her thighs as he opened her digging out the slick heat that only he could cause. Her knees buckled and she had to hold onto him and clamp her mouth shut while he finessed her from lust to madness in a few short strokes of his more than talented tongue.

He sucked her clit in between those too perfect teeth and moaned against her as she shook. He looked up at her, his lips slick from her. "I want to hear you scream. I will hear you scream tonight with only the surf to drown you out."

Her fingers gripped his hair tighter as the pleasure ripped at her. Every part of her wanted to scream out the tension and tightening as her body accepted and couldn't quite process all that he gave her. His thumb flicked under her hood and circled the knot of nerves even as he stood to capture the scream that was brewing. Two thick fingers filled her as he rode out the rest of her orgasm. His mouth was hungry and hard on hers as her fingers dug into his wrist.

She wanted more than just his hand and fingers. Her knuckle bumped the fly of his roomy cargos. Thankful that he wasn't feeling in a very dressy mood, she dug her hand into the front of his pants. They hung low on his hips, just a touch too big after the tour started and he sweat out nearly all the calories he remembered to ingest.

His teeth scraped over her jaw, sharp with lust and aggression.

Just like she liked him.

His ever present control was now in her hands and it was smooth, hard and all hers. She ripped at the button and zipper, smiling into the frenzied kiss as he shoved her up against the sink and pushed away her hand. "Inside," he growled.

Oh yeah.

Just like she loved him.

Perfection in rough hands, a hard thrust, and bruises that she'd never ever complain about. He filled her like none before and certainly no one after. Breath hot on her lips, on her neck, and at her ear, she took each thrust inside her and reveled that they could still be like this after all this time. His thumb rose between them to find her clit and she whimpered between them, not wanting it to stop. But her body was too close, to sensitized by each thrust of his cock. He knew just what to do, just how to finish her off. He knew her body way too well.

The scream was there again, her body clenching and pulsing around him.

"Yes, baby," he said against her neck.

She twisted at the linen shirt, afraid she'd chew his damn lips off if she let him take the shout that was so close at hand. His shoulder was safe. She curled herself around him, tightening everything she had, legs, walls, arms and felt him come inside her he held on and growled as her teeth sunk into his shoulder. The blinding white light of release rushed in and replaced madness with a free fall.

"Tessa," he whispered his tongue laving at the sweat that poured down her neck and dampened her hair.

"Tessa's not here right now, please leave a message."

He laughed, and the edge of dark lust was right there again. "She damn well better be here. I'm going to try this again in about three hours and you're going to scream until you're hoarse."

She rested her cheek against his chest closest to the shoulder she'd freed, and even there she could hear the storm of his heart. "You think so?"

"Count on it."

She grinned up at him. "God, I love when you get all alpha arrogant. If I still had panties on, they'd be soaked."

"Considering you're soaked with me right now, your panties would have been ruined anyway."

She giggled. "I guess you're right." She slid back, unhooking her knee from around his waist. "Holy hell," she said and sagged against the wall.

He shifted his shirt, wincing. "I think you bit me."

"No thinking, darlin'. I totally bit you. It was either your shoulder or that terribly perfect mouth of yours. I figured the freckles could take the mark."

He eased the shirt away and the perfect imprint of her bite was already forming a bruise. He looked at her with a quirk of an eyebrow. "Seriously?"

"Just call it a badge of honor."

He laughed and hiked up his cargos. He watched her with hooded eyes, as she tried to get the dress back into some semblance of order. When she flashed him to retie the sash his smile went wolfish again. "Let's go eat so we can get the hell out of here so I can show you just how many badges I can earn."


  1. LMAO! "I totally bit you!" Brilliant! :)

  2. Holy Hot...
    right there in the powder room at momma bongiovi's house...

    stick a fork in me Tara, I'm so done...

  3. Ok priceless that it's in Ma B's powder room, if only she KNEW. Loved the re-visit, these two are just delicious and nothing changed at ALL. All Snark and Sex ;)

  4. That was delicious. Why do I think that Jon could earn a whole boy-scout-uniform FULL of badges?? lol

    ~ Hath

  5. LMAO! These two are just perfect :)
    I was grinning already after the first few sentences :P
    Badge of Honor. I swear, I could see the smirk. LOL
    It's always great when you bring these two back Tara! xxx

  6. Thanks everyone.
    it was nice to revisit my favorite peeps.

  7. You got me at scruffy. LOVED the snark and the scruff, the sex and that pair. Awesome.